Materiel Life Cycle. MLC life cycle phases are: Needs, Requirements, Acquisition, In-Service, Disposal.

Aug 312016

Materiel Life Cycle

The life cycle phases are:

  •  Needs
  •  Requirements
  • Acquisition
  • In-Service
  • Disposal

The Needs Phase
The Materiel Life Cycle (MLC) starts when the capability gap is identified and a materiel solution is required.

The Requirements Phase
Proposals are developed for Government consideration.
This is generally a Two pass approval system:

  •  1st Pass Approval to investigate possible solutions
  •  2nd Pass Approval given to acquire (money is usually assigned at this point)

The Acquisition Phase
Acquisition is the process of procuring an appropriate materiel system:

  •  to meet the identified requirements
  •  value for money over the life of system
  • includes the Mission and Support Systems

Transition Into Service
Transition Plan – addresses transfer of:

  •  ILS procedures & resources
  •  management responsibility

Acquisition ILS Manager to In-Service Support providers and the Project Office

In-Service Phase
The In-Service phase generally starts when the supplier delivers a materiel system.

In-Service support aims to:

  • Optimise cost of ownership
  • Ensure the capability remains fit for purpose

The Disposal Phase
Disposal is to be carefully considered, taking into account:

  • financial, environmental, security, archival, safety, and
    third-party transfer issues, e.g.
  • Foreign Military Sales (FMS)
  • International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITARS)