Sep 012016

Preventive Maintenance is the servicing of a piece of equipment to maintain it in an operable condition that allows it to meet the specifications of its operational requirements.

It is usually:

  • planned and
  • performed before the failure of the equipment,
  • performed as insurance against equipment failure.

Preventive maintenance includes:

  • planned maintenance such as oil or filter changes,
  • hour/ time (calendar days / months/ years) based maintenance or overhauls.
    • eg monthly, 3 monthly, 6 monthly, 12 monthly, 250 hrs, 500 hrs, 2000 hrs, 6000 hrs

It is important to understand that the intention of preventive maintenance is to prolong the operating life of the equipment by replacing components before they fail, however preventive maintenance cannot stop failure  completely.


Preventive Maintenance Video

Design For Maintainability - NASA YouTube play