Sep 012016

Supply Support

Supply support includes all the considerations necessary to ensure an optimally supportable materiel system with a defined supply support structure.

In Service Supply support includes:

  •  Supply system structure
  •  Spares pipe line management
  •  Consumables management
  •  Rotables management
  •  Supply venue/s
  •  Supply stocking rate and turn over
  •  Long lead time item management

Repair Parts and Consumables example.
The support concept involves the Contractor providing facilities for the supply of spare parts to maintain the vehicle for a period of fifteen years in
accordance the conditions of contract, as well as the acquisition of three years worth of initial spare parts including maintenance supply items and consumables.
These parts will be issued to the Regional unit to support the Capability during exercises and operations.
Maintenance Supply Item (MSI). MSI class items will be included in the spare parts acquisition.
Spare parts items fall into the following categories, subject to the recommendations made by the Contractor:

  • major assemblies (rotables or repairable items);
  • consumables; and
  • servicing items.


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